The Girl Behind The Lens

Hello friends! If it wasn't obvious, photography is my passion. I'm out taking pictures every chance I get. Whether it be rolling, country hills or breathtaking city skylines, I'm always fully equipped for a photo-op. There's something so special about being able to capture a moment in time that you can look back on and relive.


I love animals, especially my dog Pippy. She basically thinks she is a human. Something I really enjoy is volunteering. I bell ring for the salvation army during the winter months and volunteer for the Special Olympics track season during the warmer months. I also love being outdoors. I grew a strong appreciation for the north woods of Wisconsin after living here for 18 years. Don't be fooled, I'm a true city girl at heart. Born in the Chicago suburbs, the city has always been my home away from home.

I Love Breakfast

If I could eat chocolate chip pancakes with peanut butter and bacon for every meal, I absolutely would. But let's be real, I just love to eat! You'll often find me sitting in charming, little cafe's sipping on absurd amounts of coffee. Fun fact: I probably go through a jar of peanut butter a week (the small ones, of course, because I clearly have self control.)

Okay, so I might be a little sarcastic too.

Traveling Makes Me Happy

If there is one thing I adore in this beautiful world, it is traveling to places I have never been. In 2017, I took the trip of a lifetime overseas to venture through Italy and Greece. I went alone and met a group of Americans upon arrival, and WOW was it exhilarating. Aside from Europe, I spent 3 weeks in Costa Rica studying abroad. Seeing the rain forest and the diverse amount of species inhabiting it opens up your eyes to the beauty this world has to offer. 

2018 has been dedicated to traveling the United States - So far on my list I have New Orleans, Dallas, Orlando, and Yellowstone National Park! What will be next?!

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